This ultra high precision cleaver is specially designed for production applications where close control of bare fiber length after cleaving is required. It senses the edge of the coating and automatically adjusts the cleave point to meet a specific bare fiber length with high precision. This length is specified by the customer at order and can be fine tune by software between 0 and 500 µm.
A close control of sensitive cleaving parameters such as tension and exact speed and position of the diamond blade ensures consistent cleaving results with cleave angles typically below 0.3 degrees.
Regarding cleave length, our tests results indicate that a standard deviation of less than 0.01 mm can be accomplished when cleaving 125 µm cladded fiber to 3.4 mm bare fiber length, provided that the stripping interfaces have sufficient quality.
The AUTOCLEAVER S1™ comes in an ergonomic bench top design and is available in different versions for 80 µm and 125 µm fibers.
For more information about available configurations, please contact us with details about your application and requirements.


  • Fully automatic
  • Provides close control of bare fiber length after cleaving
  • Low cleave angles < 0.30 degrees
  • Designed for production and laboratory environments
  • Operator skill independent and easy to use
  • Automatic waste fiber collection
  • Long-lasting diamond blade

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