The AUTOCLEAVER S2™ is an automatic system for precision cleaving of sensitive air-clad and microstructured fiber. It has a specially designed clamping system with air pressure controlled force regulation that enables it to clamp and hold also brittle specialty fibers that might otherwise be damaged during cleaving.

It is available with two different sizes of clamping cylinders for standard and medium sized fibers and large diameter fibers respectively. The clamping pressure can be set by changing the air pressure with built in regulators.

This, in combination with close control of sensitive cleaving parameters, such as tension and the exact position and speed of the diamond blade, ensures consistent high quality results also on difficult to cleave specialty fibers. The AUTOCLEAVER S2™ is therefore ideally suited for demanding production applications where sensitive handling of various specialty fibers is required.

It comes in a small ergonomic bench top design for comfortable use on a production or laboratory work bench.


  • Adjustable clamping force
  • Designed for cleaving of sensitive specialty fibers in production and laboratory environments
  • Standard and large diameter fiber capability
  • Automatic waste fiber collection
  • Long-lasting diamond blade

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