NYFORS is an innovative supplier of advanced glass processing and optical fiber preparation equipment for high strength and specialty splicing operations.

All NYFORS products are developed with the user in mind for comfortable and easy operation in production and laboratory environment. A common feature, found in many products, is the automated fiber processing, intended to give consistent results and high production yield in volume production of optical fiber components.

The product portfolio is continuously expanded to cover wider and more challenging customer applications. It currently includes: CO2 laser splicing and glass shaping equipment, automatic systems for fiber preparation and window stripping, high precision cleavers and optical fiber recoaters as well as proof testers and cleave check interferometers. NYFORS also provides custom solutions for production applications such as volume manufacturing of fiber optical gyroscopes.


New features and capabilities of the CLEAVEMETER 3D


This year we are announcing several new features that expand the scope of the devices capabilities. The device now comes with a new control software that not only simplifies its operation, but also offers a […]

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CLEAVEMETER direct inspection mode

  The CLEAVEMETER 2 and 3D has gained a new optional operation mode for inspecting the fiber without interference fringes. While the interference is essential to compute an accurate cleave angle of a fiber end-face, a simple microscopic inspection of the fiber is useful for finding impurities or overall damages on the fiber. For this […]