NYFORS can offer specialised solutions for recoating applications with different size and shape requirements.

For example recoating shapes such as round or square recoatings or even other shapes are supported. We can for example create recoatings with a larger diameter that overlaps the primary coating at each end of the recoat section (overcoating).

NYFORS recoaters can also produce recoatings with an outer diameter that perfectly matches that of the original fiber coating.

For splice protection in criticle assembly situations we can offer not only uniform diameter recoating moulds but also undersize moulds that produce recoatings with a cross section slightly smaller in diameter than the original fiber coating (e.g. a 245 µm recoating on a 250 µm coated fiber).

But thanks to the adaptability of the technology we can also offer specialised solutions for recoating applications with other size and shape requirements.

This, in combination with the simplicity of switching between different recoating materials (e.g. from a high index to a low index compound), underscores the flexibility of NYFORS recoaters as the most versatile and easily adaptable systems available on the market today. Click here to read more about our different recoater models. Or contact us on telephone or e-mail if you would like to discuss fiber optical recoating with the NYFORS team.

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NYFORS offers the markets most advanced and flexible fiber optical recoaters. Both manual and automatic machines, with or without dispensing, with or without proof testing and for high and low index materials.

Products that utilizes the high precision mould for under / similar and overcoating tasks are: MINICOATER 1/2, RECOATER 1/2, AUTOCOATER 2 and RECOATER XL and AUTOCOATER XL. The precision mould system used with these systems was invented and developed by NYFORS in the late 1980s.

Products that utilizes the square mould system (developed and invented by NYFORS in the late 1990s) are: MINICOATER 2S, MICROCOATER, AUTOCOATER 1.

January 2, 2017