The RECOATER 2™ is used to restore the protective coating on acrylate coated optical fibers in high strength applications. It provides versatile high quality recoating and proof testing capability and is well suited for use in a production or laboratory environment.

Silicone recoating moulds are available in different sizes to cover a wide range of coating diameters and can easily be exchanged by the operator in a few seconds with no realignment of the system being required. The highly efficient UV LED curing system enables fast processing of both standard high index and specialized low index materials used in various high power applications.

Injection of recoating material is performed manually with a syringe. While this does require a manual user operation, it also ensures flexibility because the user can immediately switch from one type of recoating compound to another (e.g. from a high index material to a low index material) without any need to flush out a recoater reservoir and injection pumping system.

This makes the RECOATER 2™ easy to set up and optimize for such different applications as undersea optical fiber cable manufacturing and high power fiber laser production.

Linear tensile tests can be performed with forces up to 22 N with programmable levels of force, pulling rates and hold time at maximum force. Mandrels for high strength testing up to 100 N are available as an option and can be purchased separately. Program parameters are conveniently accessible through the built-in LCD touch screen control. The system can also be accessed via the USB port or Ethernet interface.


  • Consistent, high quality results
  • Short cycle time
  • Easy to set up for different optical fiber dimensions and recoating materials
  • High and low index recoating
  • Linear and mandrel proof testing
  • No need for compressed air or vacuum

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