The RECOATER 1™ is used to restore the primary coating on spliced optical fibers with acrylate coatings. Due to the mould design the restored part of the coating has a diameter and other properties, such as excentricity and roundness, that are almost identical to the original fiber.

The mould can be exchanged in seconds with no subsequent alignment needed after exchanging the mould. The fiber will be automatically centered when it is inserted into the mould. Moulds are available for various sizes of coating diameters and they can also be made to customer specified sizes. The mould can typically be used for 30 to 80 recoatings, depending on the type of acrylate and the way of handling.

The mould holder keeps the mould in line with primary capstans or, if mounted, the linear clamps to the left and the right of the mould. The mould is opened with the aid of a lever in order to facilitate the insertion of the fiber and the resin. The resin is cured through the walls of the transparent mould. The typical curing time is 15 to 60 s, depending on the type of resin and the length and diameter of the recoated part.

The automatic tensile strength tester can be used with forces up to 50 N. The level of force can be programmed, as well as the pulling rate and hold time at the maximum force. Linear clamps* are used if only short fibers are available. Tensile strength tests up to 10 N can be made with the clamps. The clamps can easily be mounted and removed from the recoater.

Technical data

Mould length 34 mm
Curing time 15–120 s (typical 15-60 s)
Curing wavelengths > 360 nm
Tensile test 2–50 N
Resolution 0.1 N
Hold time 0-60 s
Pulling speed 10–100 mm/min
Power supply* External 12 V DC, 100 W
Dimensions 280 mm (W) x 200 mm (D) x 120 mm (H)
Weight 3.5 Kg

NYFORS part number: 20000000

Included in delivery: 1 pack (10 pieces) 250 μm moulds, Manual and Tools.

* Not included in the delivery.


  • High and uniform recoating quality
  • High strength concept
  • Handles most diameters
  • Easy and quick mould replacement
  • Tensile strength test up to 50 N

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