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The small and light weight MINICOATER 2™ provides versatile recoating capability in situations where portability and flexibility is needed. Silicone moulds are available in different sizes to cover a wide range of coating diameters and shapes and can easily be exchanged by the operator in a few seconds with no realignment of the system being required.

Short curing times are achieved through the highly efficient UV LED light source which enables fast processing of both standard high index recoating materials and more specialized low index compounds that are used in various high power applications.

These features makes the MINICOATER 2™ well suited for research and development operations and small scale production where the fiber type and dimension as well as the recoating material need to be changed frequently. It can also, thanks to the small size and built in re-chargeable battery, be used for recoating in a remote field environment such as an oil drilling platform and in other situations where a high degree of portability is required.

The MINICOATER 2™ has a simple two button control with a three digit display and comes in a small bench-top design.


  • Compact design with built in rechargeable battery
  • Easy to switch between different fiber coating diameters and recoating materials
  • High and low index recoating capability
  • Short curing times

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