Ericsson EFR-1000, -2000 & -3000 (obsolete)


Ericsson Fiber Optics marketed recoaters designed and manufactured by Nyfors Teknologi AB under private label until 2006. The technical and commercial cooperation between Nyfors Teknologi AB and Ericsson Fiber Optics covered recoater models EFR-1000, EFR-2000 and EFR-3000 as well as other fiber preparation products.

Today we provide repair, spare parts and technical support as well as recoating moulds for all three models. Ericsson EFR-1000 and EFR-3000 continues to be available upon request under their original product names NYFORS Recoater 1 and AutoCoater, while EFR-2000 has been discontinued and replaced by the MiniCoater 2.

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