The DISPENSING PEN™ is perfect for automatic and high precision resin dispensing of different kinds of materials. The clean design makes it easy to hold and control for operation. The dispensing speed is easily controlled. The size of the needle and the easily controlled dispensing speed makes it suitable for high precision fiber recoating and dispensing activities. The DISPENSING PEN™ is ideal for recoating application in conjunction with a manual RECOATER such as the NYFORS MICROCOATER, MINICOATER or RECOATER platforms.  

The DISPENSING PEN™ is also useful for other applications where glue or other kinds of acrylate needs dispensing. Different types of resin are loaded in the DISPENSING PEN™ by changeable resin cartridges. The DISPENSING PEN™ is controlled with a push button on the pen or could also be controlled with a button on the control box/pen-stand on the side. 


  • High precision dispensing
  • Compact design and battery driven
  • Controllable dispensing speed
  • Changeable and dispensable resin cartridges

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