Designed for high strength applications, this advanced and flexible recoating system restores the protective acrylate coating on spliced and stripped optical fibers. It is fully automatic, allowing for operator skill independent operation in factory environments with high productivity and cost advantages.

Recoating material is automatically injected into silicone moulds identical to those used in NYFORS manual recoaters. They are available in different sizes and shapes to cover a wide range of coating diameters and can easily be exchanged by the operator in a few seconds with no realignment of the system being required.

Short curing times are achieved through the highly efficient UV LED light source which enable fast processing of both standard high index recoating materials and more specialized low index compounds used in various high power applications. The customer selected recoating material is automatically injected from an easily attached 1 oz. Nalgene bottle, functioning as the recoater reservoir tank. This bottle as well as the entire injection system (including pump, supply lines and injection needle) may be removed and exchanged as a single unit.

This provides a convenient way to switch between different types of optical fibers and also makes the system easy to set up, optimize and rapidly reconfigure for different recoating applications and requirements. The AUTOCOATER 2™ is therefore an ideal choice for fully automatic operator skill independent recoating where flexibility is required to meet many different needs and specifications.

Program parameters are conveniently accessible through the built-in LCD touch screen control. The system can also be accessed via the USB port or Ethernet interface.


  • Automatic and operator skill independent with short cycle time
  • Consistent, high quality results
  • Easy to set up for different optical fiber dimensions and recoating materials
  • High and low index recoating
  • Linear and mandrel proof testing
  • No need for compressed air or vacuum

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