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The SMARTSPLICER™ is an advanced laser fusion splicing and glass processing system designed for the production of high power and sensitive photonics components of various kinds. It features a powerful and clean laser heat source which enables completely contamination free glass shaping with low maintenance requirements and no need for consumables such as process gas, filaments or electrodes.

Precision beam shaping optics – based on patented Axicon Splicing™ technology – converts the laser beam into an annular shape that spans the geometry of the fiber or optical component under processing. This way optical power is distributed symmetrically and with perfect uniformity to the defined processing area.

The diameter of the laser ring can be controlled by software along with other vital process parameters. This makes the SMARTSPLICER™ easy to configure and optimize for different fiber diameters and glass processing operations. These include splicing of single and multimode fibers as well as gradient index and photonic crystal fiber, fiber to end-cap splicing, tapering and the manufacturing of high power fiber laser components such as mode field adapters and pump combiners.

A highly stable fiber translation and alignment system, along with precision optics and mechanics, ensures consistency and reproducibility of production results and gives the user the capability to undertake many challenging glass processing operations.

The system can be operated in either horizontal or vertical orientation. In vertical orientation the force of gravity facilitates processes such as tapering and lensing. Intelligent tool holders allows the machine to be customized for user specific applications.

The optical system of the SMARTSPLICER™ has been designed by Fraunhofer IOF of Jena, Germany. This cooperation with a leading research institute within precision optics and fine mechanics has enabled the industrial realization of splicing and glass processing methods that lies at the international technological forefront.


Short facts

  • Contamination free heating with CO₂ laser
  • Patented Axicon Splicing™ optical beam shaping technology for uniform and highly precise annular laser power distribution
  • No consumables such as process gas, filaments or electrodes needed
  • Horizontal or vertical operation – Gravity Splicing™
  • User friendly design with intelligent tool holders

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