The CLEAVEMETER 3D+™ is a non-contact interferometer designed for high accuracy inspecting of end-faces for cleaved or polished optical fibers with cladding diameters of 125 μm to 1200 μm. The CLEAVEMETER 3D+™ gives immediate and precise information on the important end face properties such as flatness, perpendicularity, hackles and dust. Extremely accurate measurements of both cleave angle and surface flatness over arbitrary diameters can be performed on the reconstructed end-face surface. These measurements are carried out automatically, with full operator independence.

This makes the system well suited not only for detailed cleave quality analysis in laboratory environments, but also for close production monitoring. In addition to cleave angles, the system can also be used to measure a number of other properties such as plane angles, fiber diameters and the distance between points.

The software allows the user to view the pointwise slope across the whole fiber end-face, a very useful tool for spotting small scale irregularities and crack propagation behaviour. The CLEAVEMETER 3D+™ comes in a small, ergonomic benchtop design and connects to the USB port of a PC running the host application.

Technical Data

Fiber cladding 125-1200µm*
Fiber coating 250-1500µm
Camera resolution 1280×1024 pixels
Image scale 1.25 µm per pixel
Image file format 8-bit JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP/24-bit BMP for surface topography
PC connection USB 2.0 port
Power supply Through USB port
Dimensions 97 mm (W) x 179 mm (D) x 142 mm (H)
Weight 1.6 kg

NYFORS part number: 30100032

Cleave Angle Accuracy

Absolute accuracy 0.005°  degrees standard deviation*
Relative accuracy 5 %

*CLEAVEMETER 3D+ unit calibrated by NYFORS for specific fiber cladding.
For more information about system accuracy, please contact us at:


  • Class-leading accuracy – 0.005°
  • Full resolution surface topography reconstruction
  • 2D view of surface topography and pointwise slope
  •  3D view of surface topography with camera and lighting control
  •  Extremely accurate, operator-independent measurements of cleave angle
    and surface flatness over arbitrary diameters
  •  Optional pass/fail indication of cleave angle for fast operation in
    production environments

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