The new software for the CLEAVEMETER 3D™ is almost ready.

We have included a number of new features that can give you more information about the cleave quality:

Blade Intrusion and defect measurements

    • The program can now detect the blade intrusion as well as defects in the fiber.
    • They can be measured and analysed as well marked out graphically.

One-click pass/fail tests

    • The user can set up pass/fail tests for the desired cleave angle to the fiber and the minimum acceptable blade intrusion and defects.
    • Pass/fail tests can be run quickly for numerous fibers with just one click.
    • Outcomes of the tests are clearly displayed and reasons for a fail are marked out.
    • Every pass/fail tests is logged with a time stamp for future inspection.
    • Pass/fail settings can easily be passed to different machines through a data file.

Fiber adaptor plates

    • Saved fiber adaptor plates are now automatically restored when the program is restarted.
    • Fiber adaptor plates can now be deleted.
    • Fiber adaptor plates can be more accurately measured.
    • Activated adaptor plates are displayed in the text overlay of the video stream.

The CleaveMeter 3D is a non-contact interferometer designed for inspecting fibers with cladding diameters between 125 µm and 1200 µm. Click here for more information





February 12, 2016