The small and light weight MINICLEAVER™ is designed to provide versatile fiber cleaving capability in settings where portability and consistent cleaving results are required. It features a built-in battery and is well suited for use both in field splicing and in laboratory or production environments where available space is limited.

The proven ultrasonic tension and scribe cleaving process ensures high quality cleaving results with end face angles of less than 0.3 degrees. The MINICLEAVER™ can be set up to accommodate fiber holders from the leading splicer manufacturers to facilitate easy transfer of the fiber directly from cleaver to splicer with no risk of accidentally touching or damaging the fiber end.

Changing between different fiber dimensions is made easy through exchangeable force cartridges. Cartridges can be set up for a specific fiber size and are easily removed and replaced if a different fiber needs to be processed.


  • Portable with built in battery
  • Long lasting diamond blade
  • Low cleave angles typically < 0.3 degrees
  • Large diameter fiber cleaving capability (125 to 400 µm)
  • Compatible with common factory and field splicers

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Portable fiber cleaving